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  • Towny Job Improvment

    As i've noticed the jobs on the towny is only a way to get money and there is no other use with them i would like to see a way to level up in the job with proper requirements like having a certain amount of mcmmo skill to be able to rank up, get rewards and make more money off of the job that you have.
    I also would like to see if there were to be a system where you need to have ranked up a certain amount of levels in one job to be able to get a second one except for just being able to have two jobs when you just started out, Why this would be a good implement would be because then players would use the jobs for much more than just get money, to actually dedicate time to level up to get rewards and able to make more money.
    This is obviously something that i know wouldnt be a feature that would be directly added into the game but to maybe add after reset or in the new future. If this kind of system were to be implemented i think that it would help players to want to level up in the job that you are in to not only get a second job but to also recive rewards and be able to make more money.
    This an example for what would be requirements for a specific job:
    To level up to level 2 in Miner you would have to have mined 3000 blocks and have level 200 in mining.
    Or Farmer have 3 farm animals (Near you when you level up), level 100 in herbalism and 10 in taming.
    These are examples and the actual requirements that i would want to see but something similar and this is to just set an example.
    I hope something like this would be added in the near future!