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    Hello, I have an idea, but I think the most of the topvoters don't want this to get added. I personally vote everyday 6 times, but the number one has more votes than possible.

    So my idea was to get a rule that you can't go above the possible vote limit (What I mean is that if it is June 10, you can't have more than 60 votes because 10x6 votes = the maximum of votes you can do each week.

    The reason why I want that this get added is because I never win the number 1 topvoter price because some players use VPN so they have more votes than all the other players, in my opinion, this is unfair.

    (Sorry for the grammar mistakes, I don't have time to correct them because I have to go)


    Staff member
    VPN's are for voting with alt accounts, and some of the sites are on 12-hour vote timers (meaning you can actually get around 8 votes a day).
    There is really no real way to go past the maximum, so this is fairly redundant.

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