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  • New and improved ferious!

    Hello peoples, Never thought i would do this but here i am! I am an 11 year old from the USA most people know me for being toxic but i like to refer to myself as new and improved. I've worked on making myself a better person. I am a HUGE geek for the Greek gods/Greek mythology, i love the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and now am on the 5th book of the Heros Of Olympias. (recomend to read the first books Percy Jackson and the Olympians first) i am currently in the 6th grade and try to find time to play all the games i like. I am huge on fortnite and play it daily i am also a lover of factions i plan on trying for an unban to the discord soon so i can be open to applying for staff so i can help with the community! That about sums it up, I am open to answer any questions people have for me, Thanks again to all the momento staff and community!