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    Hi guys, as you may have been aware our current chat system has been bugging out recently, causing the majority of players to not be able able to see chat at random times. We've been working on a full rewrite of the chat and tag system in order to make it better for everyone.

    This new system changes the way languages work, instead of selecting a language and only seeing people talk in that language, you will now select a primary language (which language you will speak) and by default you will see all other languages in chat. This does not mean that you should speak another language in your primary chat but it means that if you chose to, you can see all chats and be able to see ads and messages from other players so you can /msg them about it.

    The /lang menu will let you select your primary language and which you want to mute in chat. The muted languages will be filtered out and you will not see them in your global chat.

    This system comes with a few new useful commands such as:
    /togglechat (Toggle on/off receiving public chat messages)
    /togglepm (Toggle on/off receiving private messages)

    That's about it for the chat part, you can use /lang help for more commands.

    As for the tag part, you can use /tag help for a list of commands, it will be very similar to how it is now except people should stop losing tokens and the tag confirmation process is a lot nicer. I hope you guys enjoy these changes and please let me know below if you encounter any bug and on what server.

    I will be deploying this new system across the network one by one. Check the discord for live information as I'm doing so.


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    Glad you guys like it, there are a few bugs atm but we'll have them squashed in the next few days :)
    I find a good update but / tag must be made there is a mistake I can not choose between all ranks. sorry me english is a bit bad

    I like new update❤

    Deleted member 4481

    its a good update thanks fergy, but still I haven't got back 1 of my 4 lost tags and that's the prison Iron rank so if I could get that back, that would be great, also the /showjoin doesn't work because I have had /showjoin active and it randomly changed it to /hidejoin and when I try to change it back to /showjoin it will just keep it as /hidejoin, also when I leave the server (as in go off the entire server not just going back to the hub) I have to keep re selecting my tag every time. I know this was only released yesterday but just a few bugs for you to know about :3 :)


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    organise the tags in order, tHankS
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