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New forums!

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Hey guys, as you may have noticed over the past two weeks, we did not have a forum anymore. What happened with the old forums is no secret, it was not a "hack" or anything like that, we believe it to just be corrupt data. The old forums took hours to load pages. I had tried troubleshooting it many times and even hiring professionals to take a look into it but no fix was found. Being as we could not fix the old ones, we have decided to start fresh with a brand new website and to that way, craft it based on the suggestions and feedback we had on our old one. We are now aiming for simplicity (ease of access, navigation) and fullness (everything you need to know about the server will now be found on the forums, if it isn't, we will add it). Also, we will be using in-game registration (/register) in order to keep these forums 100% clear of face cream advertisers and unwanted people who don't even play our servers. Sorry for the inconvenience that the forums downtime may have caused you all but may we now enjoy a much better communication experience.

Yours truly,
Mr Fegurry Danny


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These forums are A TON better than the old one! Good job Fergy!


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The Fourms is amazing ;)


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This forums is so awesome because it is


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Is there a way to change the colour scheme on the new forums? I haven't found anything yet :p


I'm portal trapped on skyblock blue... does anybody know how i can get out of this trap?
Please Help Me

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First of all, this was a necropost. Please refrain from commenting on dead threads, and use the appropriate section of the forums to post your concerns. If you are having trouble with tp trapping, please refer to the ideas left on this post: http://momentonetwork.net/threads/now-im-done-whit-it.461/
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