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  • New punishments system


    Staff member
    Hey guys, in a further attempt to better the server, I have been working on a new punishments system to replace the current one we've been using for years as it clearly has its flaws (its easy to evade and its overall relatively "janky"). This new system doesn't come with many changes you will see as a player but here are the key points:
    • All bans are now ip based (so people can't simply use an alt to evade).
    • All mutes are now ip based.
    • You no longer see people get punished as this incited the punished players to keep going because they were getting attention. We've decided to try and put a stop to attention seekers.
    • The warning punishments have changed, they are now:
      • 1-2 warnings: Automated warning in chat.
      • 3rd warning: 1h Mute.
      • 4th warning: 12h Mute.
      • 5th warning: Kick
      • 6th warning: 1 day Ban.
      • (As always, warnings expire 7 days after you've received them)

    All of the above applies to past bans and mutes, your history has been imported into this new system. The only "gotcha" is that some players who bought unbans on specific accounts (after being ip banned) may need to come ask us to allow them access on the specific account they bought an unban on since they'll hit the ip ban.

    Thanks for reading!


    Formerly known as DerpyEagle_
    This will definitely stop the attention seekers! Thanks danny! We all appreciate your hard work you have done for this server! <3