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  • Skyblock New PvP Arena Suggestion

    I feel like a lot of people will agree with me that the new PvP arena on Skyblock is a little small. On V10, The arena was open and had up and down terrain to traverse. This made fights unique each time and gives you opportunity to try new things. The arena we have now is flat, boring and leaves you wide open at all times. This could be good for a "Duel" type arena, where it's only 2 or 3 people in it at a time. But, from experience and complaints I've received, People can group together and leave you combat tagged until you're either dead or log out. No matter your skill level or how good your gear is, These types of battles will always end with the person being ganged up on losing. The circular design leaves you no chance to evade or hide.

    So, What I've come up with is a small mock up of what I think a proper PvP arena should look like.
    As you can see, The mock-up I've created features some height variance, many obstacles to duck and hide behind, And open areas for intense hand to hand combat. I wanted to post this on the forums, publicly, so I can get some outsider thoughts and suggestions. What's good about it, What's bad about it, Things I should add or remove. Thank you for looking at this suggestion, and I really really hope it's enough to make a change.


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    Ahoy Tanner,

    First I would like to say I'm overcome with delight and highly impressed with the time and effort put into this and you even made a mock-up as an example so the players and staff could better visualize what your suggestion is all about. This is remarkably well written and strongly agree with every point made in this post.
    Instead of only presenting a problem, a solution was also given. This is excellent behavior from staff which I applaud.


    ( I appreciate all the staff equally btw <3 )
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    This is one of the best idea's I've seen. The current pvp area is really boring and small. The envoys are almost impossible to do.