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  • New Spawner Kills

    What is the drop hight to kill Villagers from new spawner? Do they collect if they land on hoppers?
    Try using a Killer Minion. This will automatically kill the villagers for you in a set radius. The default radius is 3x3x3 and can be increased when upgrading your minion. You can purchase the minion in /minions and then link it to a hopper chest system which will make life easier. :)

    Didn't see the forum, kari explains it perfectly below.
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    As nooby said a slayer minion would work best here, but yes the emeralds would be collected if the drops landed on a hopper. I believe it’s 23 blocks to kill a villager with fall damage.


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    I think that the other two comments here missed the mark and failed to look at the forum this was in. Minions aren't in Factions.
    Villagers can in theory fall 22 blocks without dying, meaning the original fall would need to be at least 23-24 blocks. However, because of how erratic spawners are, you could be looking at a fall closer to at least 26 blocks, unless you use water to push them to a specific hole to fall through.