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    Remove CheatBreaker from the allowed mods list. Having CheatBreaker on the allowed mods list is useless because Momento doesn't support 1.7.10 anymore.


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    Remove CheatBreaker from the allowed mods list. Having CheatBreaker on the allowed mods list is useless because Momento doesn't support 1.7.10 anymore.
    Or just put in 1.7 again.


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    Remove CheatBreaker from the allowed mods list. Having CheatBreaker on the allowed mods list is useless because Momento doesn't support 1.7.10 anymore.
    It might come out for 1.8.9 someday. :p
    would Treecutter be allowed since its literally nothing game breaking? just makes it easier and faster to harvest trees


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    Maybe we can add Cosmic client. Its a special mod/client made for Factions but only one mod is disallowed on MomentoNetwork (The mod is worlddownloader)


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    Allowed Mods:
    • 5zig*, bspkrs, InGameInfoXML
    • Optifine
    • Liteloader, Forge
    • Macros (not allowed to AutoSell, AutoClick or anything automated/in a loop)
    • Shaders
    • ToggleSprint / ToggleSneak
    • CPS
    • Schematica (for use on factions only)
    • Real-time Translation
    • Minimaps
    • Account Manager
    • Damage Indicators
    • Not Enough Items
    • Changing Gamma
    • Skull Project
    • Key Strokes
    • Score Board Mod
    • ChromeHUD
    • MouseDelayFix
    • 1.7 Animation Mod
    • Orange's SimpleMods
    • Custom CrossHair Mod
    • ChunkBorders Mod
    • LunatriusCore
    • MultiMC
    * parts of these mods are not allowed, see unallowed mods.
    Underline means it has recently been added!

    Unallowed Mods:
    • Any hacked clients
    • Better PvP
    • Particles Mod
    • Schematica (on every server except factions)
    • worlddownloader (and anything with similar build stealing capabilities)
    • Xray Texture Packs
    • Labymod
    • Any autoclicker or script that affects any aspect of the economy
    • Any automated script that runs in a loop or set intervals.
    • Auto join

    Anything that is not specifically stated in the ‘allowed mods’ is not allowed.

    If you believe some part of this list should be adjusted/changed in any way please let us know.
    thnx for the info danny


    Staff member
    Just a tip! You could add badlion client to the list, it has no unallowed mods. Just to clear up any confusion someone has!
    Where can I see what mods it contains?
    Request to add REPLAY MOD to the allowed mod list :)
    Thnx for adding this in. It's really helpful!
    But can you add Replay Mod in the allowed section cause if you have that mod you don't really have any benefit!

    Also I added cosmic client
    I don’t know if it’s unallowed but I just want to make it clear for myself, is Badlion Client 2.0 allowed?

    nvm someone else mentioned it already
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    Could Custom Menu, ResourceLoader be added in the allowed Mod Section, These plugins don't change the in game performers.
    If you have the mod it allows you to move the Multiplayer Button in the Menu screen. Or the Singleplayer button. With the ResourceLoader it loads your Texture pack in the main menu and it allows you to put stickers or images in your menu screen

    With the menu screen i mean the screen where you can choose to go to "Multiplayer" , "SinglePlayer" , "Options" or "Quit Game"
    What happens if I get hackchecked, and staff finds mods that are not in the allowed or the disallowed list?

    What I mean with this, for a lot of people Momento is not the only server we play on. I play a certain server, and there are mods for that server that only work with that server, they are not even functional on Momento. But I don’t feel like we would have to delete our mods when we would go back onto Momento again, and then redownload them when we go back on that certain server.
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    The thing is we have no idea whether or not you use those mods just on that other server or not, there was an issue almost a year and a half ago with one of old friends, Remeku who got banned because he had Wurst but used it on another server. And any mod that isn’t on the allowed list pretty much will classified as disallowed and you can suggest to make that mod allowed.


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    Add Just Enough Items to the allowed mods list. It's basically the same as Not Enough Items but has continued to be updated since 1.7.10 (NEI stopped getting updates then).
    NEI for 1.5.2- 1.7.10
    JEI for 1.8 - 1.12.2

    A quote from the download site:
    "This mod is an Item and Recipe viewing mod for Minecraft with a focus on stability, performance, and ease of use. Apparently, it is quite similar to Not Enough Items – a famous one. You may recognize this mod as being not enough items. And these mods are very similar in their design and function."


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    Why are you not allowd to use labymod?
    Labymod is disallowed because you can easily hide a ghost client in it.
    Not only that but LabyMod changes the data which your client sends to the server in order to enable “1.7 Animations” and is a security advisory. Probably the reason it's bannable.