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    nice rules

    ow labymod is not hack anyway or because I do not want to be banned so I would like to know if someone wants to tell me
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    ow labymod is not hack anyway or because I do not want to be banned so I would like to know if someone wants to tell me
    LabyMod isn't allowed, please read page 6 for my explanation as to why this is.


    Formerly known as NameOfTheCentury
    Allowed Mods:
    • 5zig*, bspkrs, InGameInfoXML
    • Optifine
    • Liteloader, Forge
    • Macros (not allowed to AutoSell, AutoClick or anything automated/in a loop)
    • Shaders
    • ToggleSprint / ToggleSneak
    • CPS
    • Schematica (Printer)
    • Real-time Translation
    • Minimaps
    • Account Manager
    • Damage Indicators
    • Not Enough Items
    • Changing Gamma
    • Skull Project
    • Key Strokes
    • Score Board Mod
    • ChromeHUD
    • MouseDelayFix
    • 1.7 Animation Mod
    • Orange's SimpleMods
    • Custom CrossHair Mod
    • ChunkBorders Mod
    • LunatriusCore
    • MultiMC
    • Cosmic Client
    • Replay Mod
    • Console Clients
    * parts of these mods are not allowed, see unallowed mods.
    Underline means it has recently been added!

    Unallowed Mods:
    • Any hacked clients
    • Better PvP
    • Particles Mod
    • worlddownloader (and anything with similar build stealing capabilities)
    • Xray Texture Packs
    • Labymod
    • Any autoclicker or script that affects any aspect of the economy
    • Any automated script that runs in a loop or set intervals.
    • Auto join

    Anything that is not specifically stated in the ‘allowed mods’ is not allowed.

    If you believe some part of this list should be adjusted/changed in any way please let us know.
    Is badlion client allowed? I see that cosmic client is and there close to the same thing.
    Can a mod be added? the mod is
    Fullscreen Windowed (Borderless) for Minecraft


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    is cheat breaker allowed?
    Cheatbreaker doesn't even work on Momento. Cheatbeaker is a 1.7.10 Client, and Momento only supports 1.8+.
    Also, Cheatbreaker used to be on the Allowed list, but I suggested it to be removed due to the removal of 1.7 support, and every mod that's not on the allowed mods list is disallowed.


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    Make Autojoin legal so u dont have advanteg of u live in a better timezone
    There's literally no advantage into living in a different time in my opinion. I assume you're talking about daily reboots. Daily reboots are between midnight and 1AM EST meaning people in Canada / a part of the US have to stay up late if they want to afk. You on the other hand live in the Netherlands as far as I know so it would be between 6 and 7AM. At this time of the year students (assuming you're a student) are still going to school so they have to wake up early (around 6 to 7AM) so you can put your alts on as soon as you wake up. Allowing auto-join would be a dumb idea in my opinion because you don't have to do anything to even get back onto the server.
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