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    Hey, you! Keep reading.
    Ever since Momento's been a server, a lot of people have unfulfilled requests, unspoken thoughts, and too many good suggestions to count. There have been a lot of ideas that people talk about in chat, here on forums, and in the Discord server. I understand that a lot of people who have tried to speak up have been ignored! I feel like the voice of the community has ought to be listened to.

    The reason why I'm saying this is because lately I've been trying to brainstorm something to bring us all together - the entire community. What I've seen is that people find one game mode that they love. But, it causes them to never branch out to the others to try them out. The community involvement can be much better than it currently is. I've been trying to come up with an event that everybody can participate in - no matter the rank, level, amount of money you have, language you speak, or how good you are at building.

    I feel like we can do a lot of things that can make us all come together and be more close. As we all know, we're all really creative and nice people. Every regular player that I've met has been nothing but kind and really cool. So, with that being said, my thoughts are that we can work together to hold a really awesome event 2-3 times a month. Sometimes on SkyBlock, sometimes on Prison, Factions, etc.

    Event Ideas:
    -Storage Wars - Players gather at a specified time/date, and bid on storage containers
    -THEMED Build Competition - examples: fantasy, underwater, rainforest, space
    -Treasure Hunt - Players can pair up for this event and try to find the "treasure" using clues given by the host
    -Parkour Competitions
    -Maze - A race to find the center of the maze before anybody else does
    -Capture The Flag - take part in a team where you will have to grab the enemy flag, while making sure to protect your own flag from getting captured.
    -Skin Competition - who has the coolest skin?
    -"Momento" Submissions - examples: draw your own/someone else's skin, draw the Momento logo, submit a story, etc

    -Hide and Seek
    -Spleef - Players are given shovels, the ground is made of snow. Players try to make each other fall. Last to touch the ground is the winner!

    -Money prize/ad balance
    -Spawners - examples: iron golem, blaze, etc.
    -Tools and armor
    -Misc. items - examples:
    sell block, Prison tokens, genbuckets (Factions)

    Even though I'm the one coming up with these ideas, I can't plan all of these alone! If there are any people out there that would like to take part in holding some of these events please contact me on Discord. My handle is bella#0602.

    I also will need help knowing which game modes would be best to host the events on, more reward ideas, and if there are more ideas for events please reply with them! I hope I get some responses.

    Thank you! If you have any ideas for anything, please reply below. :)
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    This sounds great however, if you were to give away keys, spawners, ect, it would have to be events specific for different gamemodes and it wouldnt be so server wide.


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    wouldnt be so server wide.
    That's the idea, it's supposed to draw players into playing game modes they wouldn't usually play.

    Great idea Bella! I totally agree. There are other aspects of game modes that can be changed as well. Danny added ranks to crates again that are definitely working to get new players to stay. Also prisongod is super easy to get now by just grinding so that's also working to keep people playing.


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    I agree with Shopz, it would help entice players to play other gamemodes. Prizes could also consist of global ranks and tags or forums tags and such. Possibly make global ranks specific to the event, like the winner of a maze run could get a Global rank MazeRunner and would get a small amount of cosmetic things, it would become a thing that very few people would have and be a thing that is sought after. making players want to stay and play.


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    -Capture The Flag - take part in a team where you will have to grab the enemy flag, while making sure to protect your own flag from getting captured.
    +1 I like this idea the most for some reason, it would be cool if this was implemented, any idea of bringing the community together would be amazing.
    I like the all these ideas I think it could make the server a lot better and get a lot more players


    We'll 100% look into more global events, rather than events that are limited to players who only play the one game mode. I already have plans for a Global Scavenger hunt in the next few weeks which will hopefully attract a lot of attention from the Community.


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    Capture the flag? Would need a plugin, but it's a fun event.
    I'd totally build the map for it haha
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