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  • Global Parkour

    You should add parkour. I love parkour and I don't think I'm the only one I think it would be a great addition to the server and if it was added it would definitely be my favorite mode. I don't see parkour that often on servers so hopefully it gets added on this one.
    I would like to see a Parkour added to the Lobby, perhaps there could also be a leaderboard for the fastest completion time. As I have mentioned on other suggestions however, I don't believe something like this requires its own dedicated game mode. I would like to see it added in somewhere to the network however.
    Yes agreed maybe there could also be rewards of some sort
    For getting a specific time
    It would be a good idea as well if u got points per difficulty of that level (Easy, Medium, Hard etc) and that will allow you to advance on to different levels to get higher on leader boards.
    Yes have you ever played a speed type of game where there is a bronze silver and gold for specific times there should be something like that