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Prison Reset [4 October]


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Launching the 4th of October at 3pm EST (2pm EST for Omega's)

Hey guys, its finally time for a prison reset! For this season we've focused on applying some highly requested changes such as rewarding players for playing/grinding instead of simply being wealthy and on bringing back the old enchant token economy/system. You can find all of the info below.

Key changes:

New Mine System: We've implemented a new mine system that resets mines when they are partially emptied which should reduce the annoyances related to always using the signs. This should also fix the issue we randomly faced where mines would stop resetting after server restarts.

New PlotMine System: We've also changed how plotmines work. Instead of requiring one token per player you want to add, you no longer need to add players to your plotmine for them to be able to use it, just to your plot. We did this to make it simpler to use and understand and to remove some of the "jank" our old system had. People who had previously purchased plotmine tokens will have their Momento Money balance credited of their current worth.

The return of enchant tokens: We've re-added enchant tokens so that you can once again upgrade your pickaxe tremendously by playing and earning yourself some tokens or simply trading them with other players!

Removed McMMO: People have suggested it be removed because it doesn't really have a use on prison and they were right.

Weekly Momento Money prizes for top miners: Instead of rewarding top prestigers, we will now reward top miners, based on blocks broken (doesn't count fortune). This allows anyone to start competing at any time throughout the season and at any point in the game!

Rebirthing (replaces prestiging): Similar to prestiging, rebirthing allows you to reset your rank (and money!) once you reach free rank in exchange for rewards. Rebirthing will give you rebirth tokens based on how much extra money you have on you at the time of rebirth which you will be able to spend in /rebirthshop for exclusive items and valued goodies such as crate keys, exclusive tags, enchant tokens. Their use might be slightly limited at the start as we adjust to demand but we plan on adding more to buy.

New /backpack system: Similar to the current one, blocks will be stored digitally but this time they will go in the backpack all the time while mining instead of filling up your inventory at all. You can withdraw or deposit blocks using /bp and its associated commands (/bp withdraw, /bp deposit). Our goal was to let everyone mine their hearts out without worrying about filling up their invs and something last version didn't have is the ability to remove stuff from the backpack to sell it at an op shop for example.

As always, I've gone thru suggestions and bug reports and fixed what I could and have also applied optimizations and general updates. I hope to see you there!
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didn’t play prison before, but the new seasons lookin pretty good, might give it a go.


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Rebirths huh.. :cool: This looks cool, might play it a bit.


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Damn that's crazy man can't wait


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Prison has been rebirthed


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Looking good


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Looking fresh.


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Weekly Momento Money prizes for top miners
This is exactly what we want in Skyblock too. Love this the most about the update and hope to see Prison very much active throughout this Season :D
Glad to see McMMO is being removed. It didn't serve any purpose. And you know what, this is the first prison changelog where there's isn't something on it that I dislike. V11 is going to be super fun. Looking forward to it.
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I may just have to make an appearance tonight.


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didn’t play prison before, but the new seasons lookin pretty good, might give it a go.
Same, for the first time I am excited about a prison reset.


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just logged on again after a long time and cant place a pm and my 200 pick is gone too so yeah not too pleased with that