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Prison Reset V16 Details!


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Hey guys, Prison reset is right around the corner and down below will state what to expect in the upcoming Prison reset and release/close dates of this current season going into the new season. This season is going to be a newly improved heavily requested V5!

Release Dates:
Wednesday 16th June - Prison will close so that we can set up the new prison.
Friday 18th June @ 2pm EST - Prison will go live to Omega's for Early Access.
Friday 18th June @ 3pm EST - Prison will go live to everyone.

What to expect:
- 32 level-up ranks (6 more than current season).
- Changing back from Rebirths to Prestiges.
- A new PrisonGod tag at Prestige 50.
- Koth and envoy will be held at spawn.
- New Crate Key.
- Crate key reward every prestige.
- Re-introducing the 90, 127 and 200 picks into the store.
- Re-added /autosell to be purchaseable from the store.
- The addition of drugs will be added again.
- PvP Mine will be introduced.
- Sell wands to be added into the store (Will make plot shops a lot better like before when they were made in the early versions of Prison).
- Money and orb boosters will be removed.
- Removal of most enchants (Dragon burst, Detonate etc)
- Added 3 mines each for the donor rank mines so that it isn't as crowded.
& More!

We hope to see you on Friday for the brand new prison season with a lot of old but amazing additions, re-introductions and removals of some of the popular requests. See you on Friday!
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Damn is prison actually looking good this season- may have to check it out! Thanks to all who worked on this. :)