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    Hey guys, its finally time for a prison reset! We have been working hard for the past few weeks to create a fun prison experience. With this reset comes a fair amount of suggested things and some stuff we've been thinking about for a while. Below you will find a list of the main changes, the rest will be up to you to come on and see!

    Time: The omega pre-access will start at 1pm EST this saturday the 20th and the public release will be at 3pm EST.


    The picture really does not do it justice.
    The biggest addition is that you can now keep progressing in the game when you are afk. We have added a special way of earning money while you are away (for example at school). All you have to do is /afk and click on "start earning" and the system will check which is the best mine you have access to and sell to it (at a lower rate than when you are actually playing of course).

    The menu will forcefully stay opened while you earn money being afk

    The system pays out every 30 seconds and when you click "stop earning" it will tell you in chat how much you've earned in total while being away.

    This new system combined with playing actively daily will allow you to progress at a significantly faster rate.

    Added gold shovel claiming to freeworld (guide: link). You get 100 blocks per hour played online.

    Added /te pay (allows you to pay people in token directly instead of having to do it with the actual physical items).

    Added /prestigetop (displays top 10 prestigers).

    Put the server back on 1.8 to get better performance.

    Fixed prisongod tag

    Implemented our own /balance command that will format money up to sextillions. Example: https://gyazo.com/d56f54783ca6ac284af70a6dd755759b the old system used to be capped at 9Q I believe.

    Added a /money command that displays helpful information about the economy (see: https://gyazo.com/954b6e4ec6626a7d286e9e27b8ce0489).

    The above comes with the added functionality of being able to do /money #, for example /money 123456789 and get the formatted value in return (helpful for making sure an amount is what you think it is before buying or selling something to a chestshop).

    Added Unbreaking enchant with tokens.

    Fixed [item] in chat.

    Explosive should be fixed in plotmines.

    And much more that you will get to see this saturday! See you on!
    Why you gotta do this on a day I got band dogman

    Anyways, gonna be lit brother
    Oh, this is amazing. Perhaps I will start playing again?


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    Looking good! Can't wait to start a new grind :)


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    Suppose it's good timing before I got too into it Kappa


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    Haven't played prison in 2 years but I might start up! sounds really cool especially with the afk feature.
    Maybe this is a reason to play prison for me. Gonna check it!


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    So excited for this reset! Can't wait to play prison again! So that I can get off from playing GTA 5
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    Love this! I should get Omega soon so I get early acces :p:)
    Probably buying that on black friday :rolleyes::rolleyes:


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    omgomgomg I'm so excited :) thanks for this update it's gonna be amazing
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