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  • Reset towny?

    why reset towny?
    voting is in my opinion not fair.
    all most all players who play it a lot and spend a lot of time on the server will vote NO RESET.
    all the others that dont play on the server or play for a short time or are only there to fuck around will vote for a reset :S
    I honestly don't see what you are getting at, as I personally find this hard to believe. People that play it a lot are probably bored of being rich and want to start over. In my opinion, I think towny players would probably want a reset. Voting is the possibly the only way to determine whether people actually want a reset or not. Besides, resetting towny could attract more attention and players. It is not your own decision, it is the community's.
    I play towny more than any other game mode and am resoundingly in favor of a reset. I think it might even help bring the game mode's popularity up. I also believe we should more heavily advertise our towny server, as it's one of the best 1.13 towny servers around.
    I completely agree with Cramar on that one. While I don't play on any other servers to compare, I do think we have one of the best 1.13 Towny servers. As someone who has spent quite a bit of time on this particular gamemode, I would really like to see a 1.13 reset with a potentially better plugin. Easier said than done, of course.
    As Phal also mentioned, it's a poll for a reason. Everyone's votes will count here, just to see what all of the players think. Remember: Towny is just a part of one big server, it's not as divided as you might think!
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    If there is anything I'm excited about, it's having MORE to do in this game rather then less. There are so many people who are so far in this server that they spoil new players coming in with so much money, diamond armor, and whatever else they may have to spare. I am in favor of the reset as it forces everyone to work for what they have again and maybe we'll see a fix in the economy for a while because due to the OP blaze grinder method. Things like money really should not be an issue to anybody. I'm in favor of the current towny plugin but at the 1.12 level as I am not sure if there is a better towny method than this one as this plugin is the one most new players will already know how to use as it's a very old plugin.

    Something needs to be done about how glitchy towny is at the moment as it drives any new player away from the server and is probably why newer players are leaning towards Skyblock or factions more as they are not as buggy. So, if a reset is what it takes then RESET AWAY! Like PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! THE ECO IS BROKEN!