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  • Second Skyblock? [Poll]

    Do you want a second less op skyblock?

    • YES!

      Votes: 42 79.2%
    • NO

      Votes: 11 20.8%

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    as there comes a second skyblock make it a op skyblock that you get much money in less time
    Don’t you think the current skyblock isn’t OP enough? Within 5 minutes at a profit shop you already have like 500k. This Skyblock would be more vanilla, not really vanilla but just more than the current one. Plus, it’s harder to get a huge amount of spawners in a short amount of time, which is possible right now.


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    as there comes a second skyblock make it a op skyblock that you get much money in less time
    You must have not read the poll title or the actual original post. This entire thread is discussing the potential for a LESS Op Skyblock, not to suggest that a second Skyblock be more Op than the current one.


    Formerly known as QuickrYoloSkills
    We had skyblock blue, skyblock red now it’s time for Skyblock ORANGE, or yellow idk
    Hey guys, as the title mentions, this is a poll and I want your input on it. As you are probably aware skyblock is currently struggling to handle itself. I optimize it daily but at some point the basic minecraft mechanics cant just be removed/killed without breaking gameplay. What I offer as a solution is to keep working on making the current skyblock more playable and also to create a second skyblock that is less op and fresh.

    When I made that whats next post, many of you voted on a more op skyblock and a less op one, it seems that its something some of you want to see and I think it would be awesome to offer both to you guys and to any new players. This would let you decide which kind of skyblock experience you want to play, a harder less op one or an easier more op one. Both will be maintained and reset every few months as per usual.

    Vote below:

    p.s if you have a more opinionated view about it, please dont hesitate to comment

    i would really like a second skyblock because than you can expiriment one one Island and the other is your main Island i like the idea just like back in the day skyblock red an bleu it was awesome


    Formerly known as gjaltenma
    i think there will be 2 kinds of skyblock servers
    1: op skyblock
    2: non op skyblock
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