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    The person above you has written a word that is something (you'd think) no one would ever buy. Your task is to try to convince people that the "unsellable" product you're selling is, in fact, great, and that everyone should buy it. When you're done, write a word that is something "unsellable". I'll start with something easy, and, quite boring;

    A bicycle without a seat.


    Formerly known as Evaporation_
    When you buy this bicycle that doesn't have a seat, your legs are getting a better workout since you are forced to stand instead of sitting while you ride it. Now I know that may sound annoying, but trust me, you get that summer body in no time.

    Sell this: A keyboard without keys.


    Active Member
    This one may sound like a horrible idea but it’s a great way to test muscle memory and you could even make a game with it called guess the key!
    A sink with no tap
    Now, you may ask: "Why should I buy this?" But the answer is simple, to store stuff in... there are so many uses for it, it's like an extra store place!

    A shelf without drawers
    Well I have these shelves that I decided to remove the drawers and now, guess that i call it, "A Shelf" 'cause it doesn't need to have drawers to store things, you can just put things in the shelf and store them.

    A container of warm milk


    Staff member
    Although not for drinking, room temperature milk can be more easily incorporated into many a recipe without curdling ingredients or causing cooking times to rise.

    A spoon with a hole.
    Your thinking why would i buy a spoon with a whole everything falls out, however did you think you could lose calories this way. by making a hole you intake 100% less carbohydrates

    a pen with no ink
    The pen would simply be a knife disguised as a pen.

    A flip phone without service
    Without the gum, remains a wonderful wrapper that is shiny and of valuable material.

    A fridge that's not cold


    Formerly known as xShft_
    You can simply just use the fridge as a simple storage for chilled stuff.

    A mouse (keyboard) with no scroller


    Formerly known as xShft_
    Just have them make their own painting on it

    A toothbrush without the brush
    you can use the remaining thing to floss and get into other hard to reach places in your teeth to brush with the flat end (twice as effective, don't worry about it)

    a laptop with no screen


    Formerly known as xShft_
    Change it up to become a wireless Bluetooth keyboard

    A torch with no light
    Welcome to your new personal defense item! Great for repelling those pesky theives AND useful as a portable power source. And if you buy today, I’ll throw in a:
    Breath of air (this is the word for the next person, just spicin it up)


    Active Member
    Breath of air, you need air to survive, so you take a breath of air and you survive,

    A car without an engine


    Formerly known as DaniNoc
    who whens a engine when u have gravity. simply find a hill. and fly down it. '

    a book. filled with nothing but "aosjbhdgopqwbnefp9wqeygr0gpvqp[t89123561ypet12345 t3f76dgt1p2345t123gd78ub1234p7048tg7394" (and so on for about 600 pages)


    Active Member
    You can study it on how to not get warned for character spam :p

    Glasses with no lenses/prescriptions


    Formerly known as DaniNoc
    they simply add a hip and stylish look to your already WAY to expensive outfit

    a gift card with no money on it