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  • Global Server-wide command suggestions

    Hi! I was thinking more and I realized that I have a lot more suggestions and I know a lot of people would love to see some of these included. Here it goes for suggestions! (all of them are commands)

    -/colorcodes; This command would show a list in chat (such as /vote does), but instead it gives a list of all colors/bold/italics/etc with their coordinated number/letter.

    -/afk (on all servers, not just prison). I hate trying to talk to someone who's afk and you do to. To fix this, we should get /afk where we can /afk, but if someone tries to /msg us or says our name in chat, they get a notification in chat just for them that says "(insert username) is currently AFK." This would be nice because I like to talk to people but most people are afk on skyblock and it gets boring.

    (This next one is just for skyblock :()

    -Ranks in crates: I know for a fact that this will not get added but it can't hurt to request. The ranks should only be available in Exospheric crates and Prestige crates, but in a different way such as maybe a "rank upgrade" instead of a set rank. (Unless you want certain ranks in crates such as VIP-Elite in Exo crates and Premium-Skylord) This idea is not a good one but I still would wish it was in the game because prison has it and I feel it would be lovely in skyblock.

    This is all I have for now but it probably won't be long before I make another suggestions list or update this one. Thank you for taking the time to read! Hopefully I'll see these incorporated somehow and would love to be able to test them out :D

    Great suggestions, I would love to see the /afk command added, bugs me too with talking to people who are afk and getting no response.
    The color codes thing is not as necessary, as you could just google "Minecraft color codes" and get millions of results. But would be more convenient.


    Staff member
    For the Skyblock suggestion I'd love to see the crates for ALL servers have the same update that Prison had, would be nice.

    Concerning the other two... Not sure. The only reason /afk is on Prison is not for the purpose you listed, it's an AFK money making plugin. If someone doesn't reply after a message or two, or within 5 minutes they're more than likely AFK. I don't really see the need for this, especially considering if staff were to start a hack check. The player being private messaged could just use /afk, and then we wouldn't be able to PM them. No thanks.
    /colorcode is kinda of a cool idea, but again not super important. It takes 5 seconds to google the codes, and then depending on your memory you could have them memorised for months.

    Overall needs work but could be a good idea down the line.
    Side Note: Concerning /afk, we had that back nearly 5 years ago now. It spammed chat, and frankly just didn't work a lot. Yike.