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    World Edit Guide
    (with pictures and stuff)

    I have noticed that a lot of players on creative have differing knowledge of how to use world edit. and personally I think building is a lot easier, gives you more and easier perspective over your build(copying,rotating,flipping etc)

    This guide will only take on the simpler parts of World Edit, and then
    you can go off on google, explore and learn more by yourself if you want to.(a little less work for me too, hah!)


    To conjure the world edit wand, you can do - //wand

    And it will appear in your toolbar. The wand can be used for selection, which is demonstrated in this gyazo borrowed from KariKittyx's post " Creative Q&A".

    There are a lot of things you can do with a selected area, which I will list below.


    Copy - //copy
    This copies your selection. When you copy something, it gets copied from where your character is on your plot, this is a little hard to explain so I have included a video for you!

    Cut - //cut
    Cutting something will remove your selection entirely, but you can still paste what you have cut.
    An alternate command do remove your selection without cutting it is //set air

    Paste - //paste
    The screenshot explains that you can paste your selection minus certain types of things, but the only really useful one on that list is -a, which means you won't
    paste air blocks.

    This command will paste your copied selection.

    Undo - //undo
    If you ever need to undo a mistake or you're not happy with your paste you can do this command.

    Redo - //redo
    If you've done //undo by mistake, you can utilize this command.


    These commands are in my opinion the most helpful when it comes to building structure!
    Video included, hard to explain with words. commands listed below.

    Rotate - //rotate 90
    You can use this command to rotate your selection 90 degrees(other numbers won't work)

    Flip - //flip left,right,up,down
    Flipping is very useful if you want to make a mirror image of something in any direction. It's quite specific where you look while you do this command,
    If you want to flip something left or right, you need to look straight forward, if you want to flip something up you need to look up and if you want to flip something
    down, you must look down.


    These are commands you can use to make something of your selection.

    Set - //set block-id/name
    This command sets your whole selection as the block you choose.



    Here I have done //set obsidian . It's a solid block of obsidian, not hollow on the inside.

    Walls - //walls block-id/name
    This command lets you create walls in any block.


    Faces - //faces block-id/name
    This command will create a box basically, with any block you choose. roof/floor/walls.



    With the commands listed below, you can easily make circles, basically.

    Cylinder - //cyl block size height
    With this command, you make a solid cylinder.


    The blank spot in this cylinder is where I stood when I did the command, cylinders and spheres work the same way, they will always be made from where you stand, which will be the middle, if that makes sense.

    Hcyl - //hcyl block size height
    With this command you can make hollow cylinders.

    Here you see an example of higher height being added to the cylinder command.

    Sphere - //sphere block size
    With this command you can make a solid ball!

    Hsphere - //hsphere block size
    With this command you can make a hollow ball!
    Preferably be flying a little above ground when doing these commands, so the spheres don't appear halfway in the ground.



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    So we're going to cover some useful tools. You can equip certain world edit tools to things like sticks, bone, blaze rod, gun powder, arrow, weapons and tools,
    personally I think it's easier to keep track of stick,bone and blazerod.

    To equip any of these tools to any of the above listed items, you need to hold them in your hand and do the command. A lot of these tools are good for making terrain specifically.
    Some of these commands require testing to fully understand how they work. Trial and error!

    Sphere brush - /brush sphere block size
    With this brush spheres will be placed on the block you're looking at/the block you're clicking, so you don't necessarily have to click an exact block, just look the general
    direction of where you want your sphere to be, and click. If you don't like how it looks, you can always do //undo

    Cylinder Brush - /brush cyl block size height
    With this brush you can place cylinders.

    Smooth Brush - /brush smooth size
    If you have some rough looking terrain, or it looks like you placed spheres all over the place, you can apply this command to a tool, and click the terrain you want to make it smooth.

    Delete Trees - /deltree
    This command will delete floating trees, so make sure the whole tree is not connected to the ground before right clicking the tree with your tool.

    Mixing blocks

    With all commands you can select blocks on,you can use more than 1 block if you want to.

    A block selection is composed of 100%. If you simply write //set stone,wood:1,goldblock like I did in this picture, the number of blocks you chose will be divided by 100%,
    so there's an equal amount of each block in your selection if you didn't specify otherwise.
    So in the picture there's 33,33% of each block.

    If you'd like to specify otherwise, take from the example below.

    //set 40%wood:1,30%goldblock,10%obsidian,20%stone
    As long as the percents of blocks add up to 100%, any percent on any block is fine.

    Replacing blocks

    Replace - //replace block block
    With this command, you can replace existing blocks with other blocks.

    So if I wanted to replace the gold blocks with diamond blocks in the previous picture,
    I would utilize the command //replace goldblock diamond block
    And I want to replace the spruce planks with birch planks, so i do the command again
    //replace wood:1 wood:2

    However, if you want to replace several block types at once, with a single block or more, you can do so.

    Other useful stuff

    Selecting from your position(without a wand) - //pos1 and //pos2
    With these commands you can select an area without using wand, for example if there is no block to press with your wand, you can do //pos1 or //pos2.
    This will select from where your character is standing/floating.

    Draining - //drain radius
    If you ever need to drain a lot of water that would be time consuming with buckets, stand in the water while doing this command.

    Stack - //stack count direction
    If you want to make a schematic for your cactus farm, or stack something for some other reason, you can select the area you want to expand/stack/make taller, and do this command.

    Finding the center - //center block (preferably sponge @chillanchan )
    This command can be used to find the center of your selection, also very useful if you don't want to count.
    and as for counting.. vvvvv

    Counting - //count
    With this this command you can find out how many blocks are within your selection.

    Block IDs

    But if you don't want to go back and forth between minecraft and the website, do F3+H ingame. it will display tool tips.
    If you hold your mouse over an item/block in your inventory, you will be given the block ID.

    And with that, the guide has come to an end.
    This is what I can think of for now, and if anyone has anything to add, put it in the comment section and I will probably add it to the guide.

    If anything wasn't clearly enough explained, let me know about that in the comment section too!

    Sincerely, CaptainCatNebula
    Nice guide! This can be a good start for players who do not know how to utilize WorldEdit and could be useful for the event that is taking place now! Thanks for making it.
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    Nice guide! This can be a good start for players who do not know how to utilize WorldEdit and could be useful for the event that is taking place now! Thanks for making it.
    Thank you sir!


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    I’m going to use this for pretty much the rest of my life, this is a great guide, thanks Nebs!


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    Nebs, You put so much effort into these guides, Thank You. There is no words to describe it, amazing.
    Wow! This is vary helpful thank you I already knew this stuff but I can guarantee newer players learned soo much keep up the great work!! :D


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    Please don't necropost on old posts.
    I feel like a pinned post doesn't really qualify to be in the same category as " old posts ", you feel? ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

    And to anyone with specific questions, hmu, I've learned quite a few new things myself that I can pass on :*


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    I feel like a pinned post doesn't really qualify to be in the same category as " old posts ", you feel? ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

    And to anyone with specific questions, hmu, I've learned quite a few new things myself that I can pass on :*
    I guess but also still an old post.