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  • Skyblock Skyblock could use more hoppers

    Hello, and thank you for reading my thread. I have been playing skyblock on this server for a few weeks and its been a lot of fun. I have enjoyed everything but there is one problem. I think staff should increase the hopper limit from 64 to maybe 75-85. 64 sounds like a lot but it really is not much. Some may argue "just use a sell block". The sell block is useful for selling items but not for storing items, like ores that you want for is level. Insta selling emeralds rather than placing them is not very good as they do not sell for much and are extremely useful for is level. Please consider doing this it would mean the world
    Hey! I agree with most of this post. I think an upgrade of the hopper limit could be very useful. I do have a suggestion of my own: I think we should be able to buy a hopper upgrade which adds like 16 hoppers to the maximum of the island you're on. For example, 16 extra hoppers would cost like 2 dollars. I know the limit ws put in place to prevent the server from lagging like crazy, so 'just' upgrading the limit wouldn't be that great. I think if people really want an upgrade, they could buy it, instead of inactive players using a ton of hoppers. If the hopper upgrade stays after a reset, is up to the staff.


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    I devenetly agree with all thats been said. This is a great idea

    Yeah i agree with you Eric, I would be willing to pay some money for more hoppers, and if it is paid not a lot of people will buy it, meaning less server lag. Thank you to everyone who replied.
    Honestly, with the amount of money the server has brought in from this season alone, some cute upgrades to the server should be in line. I think the "free" amount of hoppers should be doubled as is, and making purchases will grant you more. Making sure that you can use adbal, as well.
    I agree with making the hopper limit bigger especially since sell block arent that cheap but