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Skyblock Reset [23 May 2020]


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Hey guys, I'd like to announce that we are resetting skyblock very soon! A lot of you have already begun asking us when the next reset is because this season has started to slow down. I hereby announce our upcoming season => Skyblock Pharaoh

The reset will be released this saturday at 3pm EST (2pm Omega pre-access). The current skyblock will be taken down ~1 day before.

For obvious reasons the first payout wont be the next day, it will be Sunday the 31st.

This reset comes with a good amount of user experience fixes, a new island top system and some fun stuff to hopefully promote a higher participation from players in non AFK activities. Here are the notable changes:
  • New egyptian themed spawn/arena/starter island.

  • New island level system that is themed and works the following way: now to gain island levels, instead of placing blocks you sacrifice them using the menu in /is or using /sacrifice. The sacrificed blocks cant be taken back, this allows us to give you all a more fair competition that resets weekly! You can obtain island level blocks thru the /shop, thru vote crates (/vote), thru the re-worked mobcoin system and more!

  • New island top prizes (weekly) to go with the above new system:
    • #1- 100$ Paypal
    • #2- 75$ MomentoMoney
    • #3- 50$ MomentoMoney
    • #4- 15$ MomentoMoney
    • #5- 10$ MomentoMoney

  • The fly plugin has been recoded and now island fly should no longer be jank or require the owner to log in every day, they only need to log on once after buying it. With this we also are going to give voters 1h of fly time per vote (so you can fly for up to 6h a day for free by voting!).

  • Changed crate plugins to the same one as prison which works better and have slightly edited crates to be more fitting to the new season.

  • Chest shops are now protected from everyone (including island owners).

  • Some consumables on the store have had their prices raised, notably boosters which were way too cheap/OP.

  • Added unarmed mcmmo skill back to pvp (with a cap of 1000).

  • We've gone thru and disabled broken CEs so you guys shouldn't have to worry about getting unusable enchants on your items.

  • Disabled mcmmo parties to try and make pvp more fair (no more 30 people parties dominating koth *fingers crossed*).

  • & Much more, we can't spill all the beans now can we :)

Just as a reminder, anything that was deemed consumable (like sellblocks) in one of our previous updates will not be re-sent this version. I bring this up because when prison reset a lot of people had not seen the update on consumables. Reference: https://momentonetwork.net/threads/store-changes.15165/
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Damn that’s sick! I wish everyone Goodluck for the people that are gonna grind


Good luck to everyone that will be playing and I hope to see you all on the reset!


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Wow this update looks badass, may have to check it out.


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Seems a dope reset! Fair competition ahead of us and it will be a great and close competition each week! Looking forward for the reset, hype becomes real now :) can’t wait!


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You really know how to be big brain, don't you o_O