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Skyblock Reset Details


Staff member
Hi guys, here are the details for the upcoming reset:

Date: Saturday September 12 @ 3pm EST (2pm EST for omega ranked players)

Notable changes:

  • Removed our train theme (I agree with some people that it was confusing for people).
  • Added a new donor rank, SkyBoss. It comes with everything you'd expect from a rank upgrade plus /printer (place blocks that will automatically be charged to you from the shop) and /bossad (send a message on the boss bar).
  • New Spawn.
  • Added competitions back (prizes and payout dates can be found at https://momentonetwork.net/payouts).
  • Added spawner caps back, 500 per chunk and 5000 total per island. To go with this, I've made it so spawner mobs spawn with the minimum hp (and all the same) so that it makes sense to work your way up to the higher value spawners.
  • Physical crate keys are back! You may once again trade keys.
  • Brought back the old island level system where you place blocks and when the comps reset it is once again a competition of most island levels gained per 2 weeks. Note: Island levels instantly increase when you place blocks so theres no cheeky hiding it until the last second, you will have to fight to win!
  • Changed combattag plugins to a much better system. It also skips death screens automatically and makes it easier to see your combat timer by putting it above your inventory bar.
  • Added some ores back to the cobble generators (coal ore, lapis ore and redstone ore) to make mining more worth it.
  • Increased the sell price of logs to make woodcutting also more worth.
  • & more!

See you guys tomorrow!


Sounds dope!
Can't wait to play!