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  • Skyblock Reset (V9)


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    Hey guys, I know most of you have already been speculating about this but its now official, skyblock is resetting! Over the past couple of weeks we have been working on crafting your next skyblock experience! See the rest of the thread for the rest of the information!

    The reset will release this friday the 23 November (Black Friday). Omega donors will be able to log on for their pre-access at 1pm EST and the public release will be at 4pm EST.

    New Spawn

    (Comes with a new "easy" island and nether island that you will see in-game)

    Economy balancing: We've slightly altered the economy so that its a little less "op" and so your experience can last longer.

    Island Level balancing: The island levels gained from placing certain blocks have been modified to be more fitting.

    Server version: We've mode the server version back to 1.8.9 mainly for performance reasons but also because skyblock did not really use any of the new 1.12 blocks/items. Don't worry it still supports logging and and playing in any new version.

    Added prestiging (/prestige): While this is still in early stages (we want your feedback), we have added a feature that allows you to sacrifice your current island, aka reset it in exchange for certain special rewards and bragging rights. These island prestiges only credit the island owners and are unlocked by reaching a certain island level. Includes a chat prefix and a top 10 hologram at spawn.

    Added timed envoys: Every 4 hours, 20 drops will spawn at /warp pvp and they will contain crate keys and money. A fun little reward for those brave enough to attend!

    New stacking system: I do hope this new system holds up because if it does, it means tremendous performance improvements for the foreseeable future! We've added a new stacking system that allows mobs, spawners, item drops and certain blocks to stack. This system allows infinite stacking, its pretty sweet and you will see most of it in-game but here are a few features (excluding mob and spawner stacking, because you already know how those work).

    - Drop stacking:

    - Block stacking:

    To stack a block simply right click an already placed one with a new block. They count on /is top so this allows you to build up your island level without having to spam place the blocks all around your island, giving you more space to build more meaningful stuff!
    (Currently set to work with these blocks)

    Removed crop hoppers: Cactus will no longer instantly go into your hoppers, this was removed because a lot of you did not like that behavior and with the new stacking system we should be able to afford the cactus spam performance wise since stacked items work perfectly with hoppers.

    New island top: the /is top GUI has been refactored and it now lets you click on an island and see a breakdown of how many of each valuable blocks/spawners they have on their island!

    Removed Quests: The current questing system is fairly broken and we've decided to remove it for the reset. I'm not quite sure questing is relevant as most only did the monthly one and then forgot about it, if they return in the future they will be made more engaging.

    Top 10 island hologram: We've added this to give users in the top 10 extra bragging rights!

    Fixed Island fly: In the current version, island fly is very "janky" and doesn't seem to work consistently for our users so I've coded a fix, it should now allow anyone that visits the island to fly if the owner has island fly and has logged on at least once since the auto restart.

    Spawner limit: You will still only be able to place 15 spawners on your island but like before you can stack those 15 spawners by placing spawners of the same type on them or near them. In the past version you could only stack up to 100 spawners of the same type, in this version it will be infinite, meaning that you go from a total limit of 1500 spawners/island to infinite.

    Removed pumpkins, cactus and sand from crates: We've removed those because we agree that buying a key and getting those instead of the other drops is "tuff".

    Added our /money and /balance system: Formats /balance and lets you see the formatted value of an amount of money before buying/selling something by doing something like /money 1000000 (will show as 1M)

    Added island borders: These are vanilla like borders around every island, they make it easy to see your limit from the start.

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    Haven't played skyblock, but I am gonna try out this Skyblock reset. See you all there
    Dang does that new spawn looks sexy. Excited for the reset!
    I’m so exited :) I’ve been waiting for a reset for a very long time and these new updates sound great! And it’s on Black Friday, it can’t get better!


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    Totally hyped. Such a huge update and lot of new things to explore lit.


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    okay guys, so this is pretty epic