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Guide Some Help.

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Here is some help for people who need it/ general information:

1. What is needed to start an island.

To start an island you should type in the command "/is new", any other information about how to manage your island is on either "/is" or "/is help".

2. What is needed to mine a spawner.
To mine a spawner all you need is Vip rank (you can purchase with /buy), it doesn't have to be you it can be anyone with Vip rank and above. The second thing you will need to mine a spawner is a silk touch pickaxe. Both of these things will help you retrieve your spawner/s.

3. How to get any item.
To get any items available with reason all you need to do is /shop.

4. Player warp which benefit you without needing any items.
/is warp make - iron farm
/is warp profit - iron profit farm.

5. Player Shops.
There are many player shops on the server, here are some:
/is warp 17oclock
/is warp BoBo7853
/is warp Ammo1
/is warp whitefang875

6. Spawner warps.
Some players have blaze spawners on there islands which they allow players to use, here are some:
/is warp whitefang875
/is warp Svennz
/is warp make (leave the free iron area and there should be a blaze spawner)

7. Language options.
There are 4 different language chats, but however if you type "/is lang" you can choose many different languages and if one of those languages are ones that you prefer or understand best then you type in "/is lang 1" for Spanish. (That was an example)

Anyway, I hope this guide helps you if you needed any help with anything

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Although this is well thought out, everything in thise guide is already discribed in Thomas’s stickied guide.


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As I saw this it reminded me of Thomas’ guide, as Germi said above.
Also, as for the warps, Maket mentioned those in his video to help players get started (5 best skyblock warps). Nonetheless it remains helpful, no doubt, it’s just, basically the same thread as Thomas’, just altered a little.