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  • STOP! The item to your right is your only item in the upcoming zombie apocalypse.How will you use it

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    I thought this would be a fun game. So
    Let your creativity run wild!

    STOP! The item to your right is your only item in the upcoming zombie apocalypse. How will you use it?

    At my right is my jacket... So i'm probably dead. But if it is winter I can get it warm. Or I can use it to strangle myself before they get to me... right?

    Deleted member 198

    Nothing at all.. 100% dead


    Well-Known Member
    My pasta machine for clay... Throw the handle at them (it's steel) and if that didn't do the trick, then the pasta machine itself... My desk is a big mess so everything is to my right.
    to my right... some fake stone sculpture (only about a foot high), a pen and some papers. I will hit the zombies with the sculpture so they're stunned, and then stab them brutally with the pen ;)


    Well-Known Member
    Well, there's something new at my right... it's my iPod charging... I will first put my iPod on full brightness and that light thing, and make them blimd. Then throw a bucket of water that isn't even here on them and electrocute them with the charger... CREATIVITY RUles

    Deleted member 42

    Speakers, I would blast them, also full bass, then it would kill them from the noise

    Deleted member 53

    My flute. I'd play a song and put those zombies to sleep.


    Formerly known as DaniNoc
    A huge PC that I can tear apart and throw at them

    Deleted member 53

    Dude I play tennis too!
    I have a textbook next to me, so I'll knowledge the crap out of those zombies and set them straight.


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    I would have my friend to sacrifice him to the zombies so they'll go away.

    Also I would bring DOPE to the fight and give it to them so they won't want your BRAINS.


    Formerly known as dadway
    My headset, I would lick it and then throw it at their eyes
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