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Survival 1.17 Reset Details


Hi Everyone,

I am here to announce that we are ready to release the Survival 1.17 Reset.

Key Dates
Wednesday - July 28th 2021 - Survival will be brought down for a few hours so that we can backup the world
Thursday - July 29th 2021 - The Purge - an all day event where all world protection is turned off & greifing is allowed. Please note, all other Momento Rules continue to apply
Friday - July 30th 2021 2pm EST - Survival 1.17 Omega Early Access
Friday - July 30th 2021 3pm EST - Survival 1.17 is released.

What's New
- Survival has been updated to 1.17, read more here Java Edition 1.17 – Official Minecraft Wiki
- Griefing is now forbidden regardless of land claim
- Completely new spawn area

Please read the FAQ found here Important - Survival Reset FAQ | MomentoNetwork

Hope to see you all at the 1.17 Survival Release!