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Survival Reset Details


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Hey guys, here are the details about the upcoming reset:

Date: Friday September 11 @ 3pm EST (2pm EST for Omegas)

Notable Changes:

  • Updated the server version to 1.16.2
  • Renaming the server from towny to survival.
  • New spawn. Courtesy of @uhXeno
  • Removed backwards compatibility (fixes a lot of issues) so the server will be 1.16.2+ only
  • Updated to the new version of McMMO, its much cooler but it was only available for new versions of MC.
  • Removed old combat mechanics, this server will be pure 1.16 mechanics.
  • Added a shopkeeper system. If you do /shopkeeper while looking at a chest, it will spawn a villager that you can customize (sell your own things for emeralds to other players). Here are the steps to use it:
    • Put a chest down and put stuff you want to sell in it
    • Look at the chest and run /shopkeeper
    • Crouch + right-click the villager to open the shop menu and click under the item in your chest to set the emerald/emerald block prices.
    • (Limit of 5 shops per player)
  • Changed from the towny plugin to regular survival with claiming being done with GriefPrevention (aka the golden shovel). You start with 100 claim blocks and earn 100 per hour until 2000. After that you can either vote for some or purchase some on the store. Just pull out a golden shovel to see a link to the guide or use /guide.
  • Added an anti-xray system to catch anyone who tries to xray.
  • Removed PVP everywhere and instead made it only in the spawn arena (/warp pvp).
  • Removed the $ based economy, players will have to trade items for items like in the old days. Fully player ran economy!
  • Removed mob stacking.
  • Removed resource world. World will not reset periodically and have no borders.
  • Added kits to the donor ranks to give them a few extra claim blocks to start, use /kit (rank)onetime
  • Added free player warps, everyone can set 5 warps using /pwarp set <name>. Use /pwarp help for a list of the commands. You can set up to 5.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on!
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