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Important Survival Reset FAQ


Hi Guys,

As you all know, we are planning on resetting Survival in the near future once 1.17 is stable enough to run on the server.

I've seen a lot of questions come up regarding this reset and I would like to address some of the more common ones here.

Q: When is the reset?
Friday 30th July

Q: Will our builds be transferred across?
No. This would defeat the purpose of a "reset". Also it would be difficult to transfer your builds into a completely new world, as they probably would not fit into a new area

Q: Will we keep our items?
Again, no.

Q: Why can't you just update to 1.17 and not reset the map?
1.17 Has a completely new kind of map generation. The two worlds would not be compatible. Additionally, a lot of the current world has already been explored, so a world reset is due anyway.

Q: Can we download the world?
Yes, a world download will be made availible shortly after the reset

Q: Will we keep our ranks
Yes, ranks are permanent. All store items marked as permanent will remain after the reset.

I will keep this thread updated with more FAQs and information, including how to save & download build schematics once we have set it up.

Feel free to reply with further questions.
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Can you do the reset this month please?