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    You all know how this works but for anyone new, here are the rules.

    This game is called, beat the staff.
    Basically the goal is for the members to get to 20 and the staff to get to -20 members can only submit a number after someone else goes after them.
    Bob: 1
    Steve: 2
    Bob: 3
    Any time a staff comments it gets reset to 0 :(
    So if the players were at 17, a staff member could say 0 and make the players start over. The same for the staff, the staff count backwards in the negatives and a player can reset them by simply replying with a 0.
    Bobthemod: -1
    Stevetheadmin: -2
    Bobbythemember: 0

    So that's basically it! Crush some dreams. ;)

    EDIT: 26k views 3k replies 159 pages. Dang.
    EDIT: 50k views 6k replies 301 pages. Doubled everything in 9 months...
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    not this again ;-; my dreams keep getting crushed 0


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    It's ok little leaf, i might let you get to 3 sometimes <3

    Not open for further replies.