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  • Towny Towny needs some fixin

    Towny, aside from the issues with the plugin of towny itself has been fine mostly since they fixed the custom enchant plugin. However, lately, more problems have been arising that have to do now with the Towny plugin, but with other plugins, and just server issues in itself. This needs taking care of quite soon. Towny is still a decently popular server with a number of active players that deserve attention. Here's a list of some of the depreciated things that need fixing :

    • The custom enchant plugin Mermaid enchant no longer works or seems to exist as an actual enchant in the /ce menu. This needs to be fixed as the water breathing effect given by it is quite useful and there is absolutely no reason that it should be gone like this, whether it was due to tinkering with the plugin, or a glitch with the plugin itself.
    • The offhand slots have gotten messed up. Previously uses were able to actually use the offhand slots, but now they have become unusable as well as having shields appear in the offhand when "blocking" with a sword
    • Due to the prior mentioned thing, there is now some sort of exploit/bug/glitch that somehow allows users to get shields despite them being uncraftable. Shields should be craftable in the first place, and this is another bug with the plugin.
    • You are unable to use the /redeem menu with unarmed. When clicking the "glass block" that represents the unarmed in the /redeem menu, it does not work and let you enter the amount of credits you would like to put into it.
    • Hoppers are quite messed up in Towny due to server lag. Hoppers are not only inconsistent, but slower than they should be, due to server lag. The sheer amount of them in some bases has led to hoppers not consistently taking in items or pushing them out at the same rate. Hoppers do not obey the same rates as vanilla hoppers, rather pushing and pulling items quite inconsistently. This can clearly be seen in an experiment : using a hopper chest placed on powered powerrails, which are on hoppers, push the minecart chest over the hoppers. This, in vanilla minecraft, will distribute items to every single hopper. Try this in Towny. It will not do the same, more or less randomly giving items to different hoppers. This is 100% due to server lag considering there are 1000s of hoppers which can be seen in towns such as Oasis and Grove. This must be fixed as it messes up redstone further more.
    • The mob spawning, passive and hostile is lower than it should be. Countless times it has been said that it was fixed, but it never was and partially ruins the economy. The most efficient way to get slime is not by killing slime, but by mining clay and using the mcmmo skill to get slimeballs. That's how you know that slimes just do not spawn properly. Leather is around 1k a piece because cows are so hard to find. Guardians do not spawn at a proper rate and do not spawn in most monuments. And of course, wither skeletons do not spawn much at all either and considering the humongously low drop rate of skulls, its an absolute pain to get them as well.
    • A little thing that would be nice would be to add /chatcolor for emperor rank considering in almost every other server, the max rank there gets /chatcolor in that respective server.
    • Another suggestion that's not necessarily fixing, but would be a nice addition includes adding something to make the pvp arena interesting or used slightly more often. Perhaps make it bigger, and add some sort of small event to it that runs every now and again. Might be a fun little addition.
    • Not sure if this would be fixable as it is related to the towny plugin but could perhaps be fixed another way would be to make regular, undyed, shulker boxes properly work with the towny permissions and not be able to be opened anywhere.
    people got shields from before they were removed

    otherwise, youre absolutely right
    that is not true, that was at the absolute beginning of towny, till then and now, it was not possible. It has something to do with lag or soemthing.


    Staff member
    I agree with all of the fixes, if possible but have a few comments.

    • Mermaid was removed due to it being inconsistent and unworking. It simply was removed because even if you had it on, you'd still drown.
    • We've looked into the redeem menu issues before and have been unable to find the issue, although all players are still able to do /redeem skillname amount.
    • I'd love to see Emperors get /chatcolor, as honestly? I forgot they didn't unless it was a version issue I'm unaware of.
    • The PVP arena would need to be MUCH bigger if we'd like to start doing events of some kind, even small ones. It's a great idea though.
    • Shulker shells are just buggy in general when used in conjunction with almost every plugin we have on Towny, including some staff only ones. I'd love to see this fixed some time though.
    Alright, I thank you for reading the whole list and taking the time to comment. I agree with everything you said except the first one considering Mermaid did work at some point in the towny server, the inconsistency only appeared recently which could be fixed in my belief with an updated CE plugin, if possible.