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  • Towny Towny trash can block

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    Towny has redstone clocks disabled due to the immense lag. This normally would not cause much of a problem, but sometimes when you're collecting drops, you get an excess amount and want to throw it out. You can't manually chunk it into lava, so you would put a dropper. However, since redstone clocks are disabled this doesn't work. To solve this problem, I suggest a trash can block which basically, using plugins, have a renamed chest "trash can" that automatically deletes all items that go inside it.
    I'm pretty sure a plugin like that exists. I never really have trouble though, I just dump it all in a corner. Could be handy to stay neat and organized though.
    yeh much more automated so i don't have to keep on dumping especially when they keep on filling up into my inventory, as is in a skeleton/zombie grinder


    Staff member
    You can do this with cactus can you not? anyways I dont see myself adding a plugin for something so basic, sorry. Thanks for the suggestion
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