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Towny V4


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Hey guys, the time has come to reset towny. Towny is not a gamemode that would normally be reset at such short intervals but that's what we get for trying it on a newer less stable version (1.14). It is riddled with issues we can't fix without resetting and moving off this cursed version.

When? Sunday January 19th at 3pm EST (Omega pre-access at 2pm EST). The current server will go down sometime saturday pm/night.

What? Heres a list of the notable changes:
  • Removed /shop and re-added jobs to move back to a player based economy which everyone loved.
  • Moved from 1.14.4 to 1.12.2 (I know some won't be happy about this one but its the price to pay for a stable and durable experience).
  • The price for bonus blocks will no longer increase the more you have of them.
  • Fixed issues related to the mob/item/spawner stacker.
  • Moved back to the old custom enchants plugin people prefer.
  • Re-added jobs (/jobs browse).
  • Added in-game money per vote to help start out.
  • Added an automated world reset system to help us reset the resource, nether and end world at regular intervals (1 month at the moment).
  • Moved back to seperate build/claim and resource worlds. Meaning to build in the regular world you first have to claim it.
  • Made farm animals not stack so people can farm them (experimental, will be changed if it causes lag).
  • Added a mall with rentable plots (/warp mall)

Thanks for reading a cya there!


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Lets go


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now is 1.12.2 but why not to 1.13?