Trouble With Towny Legistics

Discussion in 'Towny' started by AthenaRosed, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. AthenaRosed

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    Jul 3, 2018
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    So I've been a mayor for about 2 days now which admittedly is not a lot. I have found some confusing features of the towny though and I feel like other people might feel the same way so I figured I would make a post about it. Before I get into the problems I've had I think it would be helpful to first bring attention to the /help features and the /t mayor ? and the more in depth explanations of commands on the forums. Those are very helpful and if you are confused with how the towny works that's a good start.

    However, some things just don't always make sense. Like what do the residents have powers to do? What kind of powers can I give them as mayor? Why can't residents withdraw their money from the bank? All questions that I would love answers to, but those need only to be short and sweet. I have one question that is a bit more pressing. Why do I only have 16 townblocks? How do I increase that? And will that let me continue claiming land?

    If I could get an explanation for at least that question if not all the questions then that would be most helpful. Alternatively, if a staff member could maybe do a discord kind of talking session with explanations, Q and A's, etc that would be even better. Even if it is only with me rather than a community session.

    Athena Rosed
  2. DensityChild

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    Apr 17, 2016
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    Ok so I completely agree with the in depth of the different ranks residents can have and what they do because I don’t really even know much either. As for the town blocks you need more money in your town bank to claim more land and I believe you need more people but don’t quote me on that.
  3. Evalutionary

    Evalutionary Formerly known as Evaporation_

    Jul 6, 2016
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    About the town blocks, to get more of them you have to add more residents to your town. The more residents you have, the more blocks you get. There is a pretty in-depth guide of a lot of the commands here. If you have any other questions, you can message me on discord and I can make my best attempt at answering them. My discord is Evalutionary#8900.
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