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What should I build on my plots?

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Because I have 2 plots, I really am not sure what to do with them. I don't have anything on my first plot other than a giant doge and some chests. What should I put on it?

My second plot is also entirely empty and I have no clue whatsoever to do with it. Please suggest? Please?

(Thanks if you do :D)
As a hardcore old-school prisoner, it is my humble opinion that you should fill your entire plot with chests selling/buying a variety of things, including but not limited to kits, blocks, pickaxes, and tokens.

I would personally recommend either a bank of sorts as a design, or a house (because building houses is fun af).

The thing you’ll be making a profit off of are tokens and keys. I would recommend buying tokens at a rate of 12q/384 (2q/64) and selling them for 2.4q/64.

2q/64 is a completely acceptable rate that people are willing to sell to, and there are quite a few individuals (including me) who buy for more. The audience that you’re going to try and bait the most are the newer players, as they don’t have a firm grasp on the current value of an in-game dollar, and they will be easily charmed by the thought of earning enough money to prestige immediately.

Vote keys are even better, as they are easily accessible to any player, yet worth copious amounts of money. Once again, you’re targeting the newer audience, as they will be tempted to vote and sell things to you, and it’s even better because there’s rarely any competition.

Try pricing them at 5q per(?) the acceptable price seems to be 10q atm, so it’s a good margin.

Also, everything I just said is complete bs that I have no idea whether or not is true, so I’ll leave what I think is a quality suggestion: A redstone powered momento network sign that lit up when you activated it

EDIT: Add lights on the floors too
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Any shop would be a good idea, one plot I made, but deleted, was a man holding an island with a house on that island. In the house I had my token shop. Or build a game that people can play, maybe a casino etc. I honestly love interactive plots.