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  • Which film title do you give your ex

    Do you have a ex girlfriend/boyfriend?
    Ok, what filmname do you give her/he and give a reason. I will begin: Titanic, in the beginning I liked it and then it became a nightmare
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    White House down because at the end I really was wondering if she had some kind of down syndrome + she was horrible.


    Formerly known as WutsThis
    I have an ex-dad. I'd name him Bolt

    ex-gf would be the purge: anarchy


    Formerly known as JuiceWRLD_
    Friends with benefits - because I wasn't the only person lmfao.


    A walk to remember - so I can remember the things I need to avoid in-case I/she repeats it.

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    Well, I do have an ex boyfriend (surprising amirite) so I'd give the film title Jackass to him x)
    I give hir a serie: prison break. It was like a prison when we started the relation and it ended up -7-)€:& (no spoilers, the people who watched prison break know what I mean) :p

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    If you dump your current then you magically now have an ex. Poof. Ex. Bam. Right there.
    What if you are an animatronic robot not capable of feeling or displaying any emotions and thus you are not involved in any relationship what so ever?


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    Other People: Because that's what she wanted to see.