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  • Who is Sprout? Where did Eniiko go?


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    Hi, I'm Sprout.
    But wait? I was Eniiko before.. What happened?!

    Well yeah, I was Enii. I've gone by Eniiko for a long time and may still go by it in the future. Hell, I even went by another name before. Every few years my name changes. At least - my online name that is. I've gone by several "online identities" and that's just because I grow as a person.

    I'm not the same person I was when I was my first online name and at this point in time I don't feel like Enii anymore.
    I don't know if it's the staff team, the server, or just me as a person. Things are changing in my life and for once I'm willingly making changes as a person and as an adult. Might as well go by a name that suites me. So what am I asking of you? Members and staff members? Call me by whatever name I end up going by.

    So why Sprout? It's so weird and mundane to some of you... Maybe all of you.
    To me, it's a name of growth. It's not as hard to pronounce as Eniiko and not nearly as feminine.
    It's simple, a symbol of growth, and to me... It makes me think of the start of something.

    I myself feel like I'm starting to grow under the care of my higher staff and through each interaction from Members on the server. It may just be a game with a group of quirky people leading it.. but to me it's a community and I'm part of that leadership and will one day be the guiding hand to someone else who is... sprouting too.

    I just aspire to grow. I always have.

    EDIT: I will continue to go by Eniiko on other platforms as a sub name.​
    It's always great to see people recognizing their own growth, maturation, and development as an individual. Blessed be, Sprout.


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    I feel exactly the same to be honest. <3 Sprout suits you!