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    So recently I've had many people ask me various questions about world edit and therefore wanted to make this guide to answer those questions.

    - This will give you the world edit wand used to set pos1 and pos2
    //pos1 - Pos1 will be there first position of a selected area.
    //pos2 - Pos2 is the second point; if you set a Pos1 and Pos2 anything in the corresponding area will be affected.
    //hpos1 - Set the block you are looking at as pos1.
    //hpos2 - Set the block you are looking at as pos2.
    //set <blockid>- This is the basic command to set blocks; you must set a Pos1 and Pos2 and then use the command //set <blockid>
    //undo - Undoes the last world edit command used. Can undo all world edit commands since logging in if used repetitively.
    //redo - The opposite of //undo; redoes the commands any commands that were undone.
    General Commands
    //hcyl <block> <radius> - This makes a hollow ring and uses the given radius for size. It looks like this:
    //cyl <block> <radius> - This will make a cylinder similar to //hcyl, but filled in. It looks like this:
    //sphere <block> <raidus> - The sphere command makes a filled in circle. As seen here:
    //hsphere <block> <radius> - The command //hsphere makes the same sphere as seen above but it's hollow instead. This can be seen here:
    //drain <radius> - The drain command is used to remove water in the radius provided.
    //removenear <block> <size> - This command removes the block type that you inserted from around you. Note: If you don't put a parameter for the <size> then it will remove all of that block on your plot.
    //walls <pattern>- Builds the walls of a selected area.
    //pyramid <pattern> <size> - Builds a pyramid at your feet.
    //hpyramid <pattern> <size> - Builds a hollow pyramid at your feet.
    //replace <blockid1> <blockid2> - Blockid1 is the block you want to change, for example if you were trying to change dirt to wood you would do //replace dirt wood. (for this command you must set a Pos1 and Pos2).
    Other Useful Commands
    //ex - This extinguishes any fires around you.
    //snow - This causes a circle of snow to form where you executed the command.
    //thaw - Removes snow around you.
    //forest <treetype> - Creates trees around where you are. A few treetypes are "SWAMP" "BIRCH" etc; //forest x for a list of them.
    //green <radius> - Makes dirt into grass.
    //brush sphere <blockid> <size> - Makes the tool in your hand into a brush for spheres. Upon left click a sphere will be made.
    //brush cylinder <height> <blockid> <radius> - Makes a cylinder out of the block chosen and radius chosen. Note: If you don't set a height it could make spheres up in the sky.
    //count <blockid> - This will count the amount of the selected blocks in the area you made with Pos1 and Pos2.
    //size - Tells you the shape of your selected area, the co-ordinates of Pos1 and Pos2, the size (x, y, z) and the number of blocks.
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    I think this is a great guide for players that are new to world edit. Well done :)
    Thx Boo! This will be helpful in the useful if I ever need to use it


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    Nice one Boo, this seems like you actually tried to make this nice, and you put effort into it. Good work.


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    A lot that could be added, such as //replace, //drain etc but this is amazing so far!