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    I would eat someone I loved, because loved implies that their dead therefore, cannibalism. And cannibalism is fun. (not really its frowned upon in many countries.)
    WYR: Be allergic to your favorite food or despise all color?
    Despise all color, food is life, mate.

    Would you rather be stuck using a chromebook for the rest of your life or an old macbook for the rest of your life?


    Formerly known as Skylar__
    We use Chromebooks at school and I hate them with a passion. I've never used a macbook before so, lets go with that.

    Would you rather take notes or test all day in school.
    Notes, it's easier to BS your way through that.

    Would you rather shoot a bow and arrow, or shoot a gun for hunting?
    Bow and arrow because Life and why not go all Katniss Everdeen?
    WYR eat stale bread for the rest of you life and nothing else or wear the same shirt everyday without being able to wash it in anyway shape or form?
    Stale bread, it can't be that bad.

    Would you rather play DOOM 1 or 2?
    DOOM 1.

    Would you rather have a hole in your hand or a hand in your hole? o_O
    Hole in my hand, because Idk...
    WYR Live with no limbs, or have extra 6 extra limbs? x3
    Live with 6 extra limbs so I can always have extra tasks to perform.
    WYR Sneeze sprinkles, or fart the sauce of your choice.


    Well-Known Member
    Sneeze sprinkles

    WYR Have sanding paper as toilet paper, or wash your hair with nail polish


    Formerly known as dadway
    Wash hair with nail polish
    My butt would hurt

    Would you rather be a cop who eats donuts every minute, or be a vegaterian
    I would be a vegetarian, I've always wanted to try tofu...
    WYR See in black and white but dream in vivid colors that the human eye can't see (meaning you can't explain them)
    Be the best in the world of whatever you choose?
    See in black and white because it seems a lot cooler,
    WYR drive a Lamborghini, but live in a shack, or live in a Mansion and drive a really bad car.
    Drive a lambo, because it's a lambo, self explanatory.

    Would you rather shoot yourself in the foot for 1 million, or have someone else shoot you for 1 million?


    New Member
    Shoot yourself in the foot for 1 million.

    Be extremely underweight or extremely overweight?
    Extremely overweight to sit on people.
    Would you rather be a slither like a snake for your life, and be a human, or be a snake and talk :)


    New Member
    Snake and talk because I could talk to humans.

    Would you rather, always have to say everything on your mind, or never be able to speak again?


    Well-Known Member
    Never be able to speak again, I can install enough programs to talk for me :>

    WYR have to wash your hands with glue, or wash your hair with chewing gum.
    Wash hands with glue because eventually it comes off.

    WYR fall into a pit and break every bone in your body but survive or fall into the ocean, get chopped up by a boats propeller, and then eaten by a shark


    Formerly known as JuiceWRLD_
    get chopped up because i'd rather die than survive all that pain.

    wyr game of thrones or the walking dead?