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    Would You Rather


    Deleted member 42

    Game of thrones.

    Wyr be a tomboy or a girlygirl
    A tomboy.
    Would you rather kill yourself or run half-naked on a football field in school?
    A: Eat a dead snake because I've already done that. xD
    WYR: Become a bronie or become a furry?


    Formerly known as JuiceWRLD_
    A brony because idk what a furry is.

    wyr: kys or push a button and kill 10k people?
    A tree
    WYR: Go swim in a pool full of water snakes and water spiders or swim in the Ocean with 3 white sharks around you.
    Swim in an ocean because bugs are scary.

    WYR; Feed your arm to an evil witch and claim your family back to be safe, or let a dog chomp on your leg and you get 5million dollars/euro/whatever currency you use that is equivalent to 5million.