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    Formerly known as DaniNoc
    its always funny whenever i tell people i own cows, so i figured i would make this fun little post. what kind of pets or animals do yall have? I currently have 4 market steer (cows) and 1 cow thats just a pasture pet, 3 dogs, 1 cat, a turtle, and some fish lol. add yours in the comments if you'd like lol.
    I had dogs, one for each time I had a dog, but they either ended up given away (they kept peeing or pooping in my house) or passed away (I had a Miniature Schanuzer that was weeks old, but died unfortunately due to parvovirus as diagnosed by the vet). I don’t have a dog currently.

    I also had turtles but I let them go into the lake.

    Now, I have a some fish in a few in my fish tanks around my house.


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    I currently have two cats, two dogs, an iguana, and 6 birds.
    As far as birds go:
    Red Dom. Camelot macaw
    Catalina macaw
    Blue and Gold macaw
    Blue-headed macaw
    Gold-capped Conure
    Cape Parrot
    Previous pets: I used to have two dogs before the other two dogs I have currently, a cat before the other two cats as well, two hermit crabs, and a fish.